Mississippi Medical Education & Research Consortium, 300 Washington Avenue, Greenville, Mississippi 38701, United States

(601) 951-0525

Dedicated to Graduate Medical Education (GME) Training

mission and goals


MS MERC has a four fold mission:

 1) To identify needs and opportunities to develop graduate medical education and to support the development of ACGME accredited graduate medical education programs, 

2) Serve as the ACGME accredited Sponsoring Institution.  The body accountable for the academic oversight of all programs developed under its watchful eye.

3) Work through its philanthropic efforts to assist, support, enhance and ensure that the programs developed are of high quality, patient and community focused while being sustainable long term. 

4) Assist developed or developing rural programs with faculty development and coordinated research. 


Wellness and Quality of Life Support

Wellness goes beyond simple healthcare needs. Our team will support you in building overall wellness. No matter what your wellness needs are, having a responsive team to support you will keep you on the path to a full state of wellness. We will work together to connect you with the services and/or support you need.


A Healthy Community

When you choose our program, you become not only a part of our family, you will join a community.  Our goal is to work, not just with you, but with you and other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier you, your family and our community.